Pain Science Files

Chapter 1: Reasons to Call your Doctor Before You Begin – Please Read This Section First

Chapter 2: What is Pain? An Introduction – Please do not skip this section, the understanding of pain is the foundation of this website.

Chapter 3: Stories and Metaphors to Understand Pain – Key points to understand pain.

Chapter 4: History of Pain Science – Learning about the past will help understand the future.

Chapter 5: The Relationship of Arthritis, Spinal Discs, and  Degenerative Joint Disease With Pain

Chapter 6: Surgery and Pain

Chapter 7: Stress and Worrying about Pain

Chapter 8: Fear Avoidance

Chapter 9: The Memory of Pain (Pain Neurosignatures and Neurotags)

Chapter 10: The Context of Pain

Chapter 11: The Origins of Pain

Chapter 12: The Immune Response and Pain

Chapter 13: From Initial Injury to Chronic Pain – Every component involved in the sensitive nervous system and pain process (Will be updated on a Continued Basis)

Chapter 14: Possible side effects of physical therapy, chiropractics, massage therapy, and any health profession dealing with pain

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