Fund a Research Project

I am currently working on research projects to study a concept called proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation. A theory that focuses on the brain and how the body functions. There are other many other topics that I would like to research.

My ultimate goal is to create a Pain Science Research Center and Museum to help create a network of clinicians and researchers to promote health, wellness and management of pain as well as create a fun way for people to learn about pain and movement science. So if you have the funds and would like to leave a legacy that I hope will never end, please send me an email.

Other research topics that I plan to participate in involve the following:

1. Diaphragmatic breathing and performance

2. The validity and reliability of manual therapy

3. Movement exercise and pain

4. The ability to self correct painful activities through independent motor control exercises

5. Ideomotion and its relationship to various issues we experience such has pain, neurological issues, difficulty with pregnancy, and etc.

6. Protective mechanisms and its relationship with limited range of motion following surgeries such as total knee replacement and rotator cuff repair.

7. Causes of Osteoarthritis

8. Movement into ease and pain management

I can be contacted at Stop by and ask a question or leave a comment on my facebook page!

Your support would be greatly appreciated! I work full time as a physical therapist to support my family, so spending time on research is very difficult unless I am able to obtain funding to allow me to spend time on it.

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