How To Use This Website


The Pain Science Filing Cabinet Organizes Articles based on 5 functions.

1. Explaining Pain in the “Pain Science Files” – Studies have found that the more we understand pain, the better we are at managing it! So please read each article because the purpose of this section is to understand your pain to take control of it.

2. Movement Exercises to Take Control of Your Pain – There are so many different types of exercises that you can do to help take control of your pain. It ultimately does not matter what type of exercises you do. You should do something you enjoy, vary your activity, grade your activity (don’t over do it), pay attention to positive / pain  free movements, and stimulate your brain with novel movements.

3. How Manual Therapy Can Promote Pain Management – This section is mainly for clinicians. But for those of you experiencing pain, you can ask if your clinician uses the concepts mentioned here.

4. Other Health and Wellness Topics

5. Sharing your personal experiences to help each other manage pain. You comments, suggestions, and questions are greatly appreciated.

You can begin by reading my very first blog to welcome you here.

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