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here is a little about myself and how this website came about.

I’m Rex Fujiwara, a licensed physical therapist and have been practicing since 2002. Ever since I have graduated from physical therapy school, I have been searching for the holy grail of physical therapy to help patients recover from their pain experience. I have spent thousands of dollars studying various theories of practice including those listed below:

Pilates, Movement by various practitioners including Moshe Feldenkrais and Gray Cook, Integrative Manual Therapy Solutions, Institute of Physical Art, Maitland Method via Kaiser Permanente, Barral Institute, Simple Contact, Dermoneuromodulation, various neuromobilization techniques, Neurokinetic Therapy, Graded Motor Imagery, Anatomy Trains, Neurophysiology, and Pain Science through multiple avenues, most importantly a website called SomaSimple.com.

Unfortunately, I have found that there is no holy grail. But, I have found knowledge and fascinating information regarding pain and why we experience it. This website is the culmination of my education, which will never end. My goal is to share what scientific researchers have found to help those experiencing difficulty with their pain process.

My current practice has incorporated everything that I have learned and is primarily based on the promotion of self correction through movement, manual therapy, and pain science education.

The physical therapy profession is in a time of transformation and classical treatments are either purged or enhanced by modern explanatory models with the convergence of orthopedics, anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, and neuroscience. New theories have been created and have combined to what I would like to call the “biological-psycho-social-neuromatrix model” of pain. As physical therapists, we treat patients following this model through education, movement and hands-on treatment.

There are many who are resistant to change. They will be left behind.

To further enhance what we do as health care providers, research must be progressed. My research interests spans many topics related to the field of physical therapy. Feel free to check out my “fund a research project” section. To help facilitate research, grant funding is always welcome! You are also welcome to donate to help support this website.


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One comment

  1. Dear Rex,
    Thank you for your work and efforts toward providing an avenue for these discussions.
    I first became familiar with your work in an article you wrote a while back on “Ideomotion” in which you referenced Barrett Dorko and his “Simple Contact” approach.
    I’ve had the opportunity to attend a few of Barrett’s courses beginning in 1985, and watch ‘Simple Contact’ evolve over the years. Of course, I’m still trying to perfect my interactions with patients, yet remain reticent to claim I’m truly performing Simple Contact or facilitating ideomotion. What has made it more difficult is that, in the myriad venues I’ve found myself working, I’ve yet to enjoy the company of one, single colleague who espouses eliciting ideomotor movement let alone any other “indirect” technique.
    You closed your article with the thought of creating a list of like minded clinicians which, if still up and running, I would like to be on and/or have access to, especially as a means toward interaction with like minded clinicians.
    Thanks again for your work’
    My Best,

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