Updated list of articles in my Filing Cabinet to help understand pain and what we can do

At the urging of my patients and a handful of clinicians, I have uploaded a few files regarding pain science for easy reference since it is difficult to remember everything we cover in the clinic.

My pain science filing cabinet will contain information regarding the science of pain and how we can address it. This website is far from being completed as it will be a long yet fruitful journey.

This filing cabinet can be found here.

I also welcome those of you who are here to learn about the process of pain and how you may be able to address it.

In a nutshell, my treatment consists of three main principles that involve manual therapy (the use of my hands), motor control movement / exercises, and pain neurophysiology education. I wouldn’t call it a philosophy or a belief system. It is a method based on scientific evidence published by experts from various fields including physical therapy, chiropractics, massage therapy, pain science, neurophysiology, psychology / psychiatry, strength and conditioning, and so much more.

Before you continue reading the material on this website,  I must share the most important concept that must be understood. Pain is always real, it is never made up in your mind. It is the process of painful experiences that we as health care providers and researchers are still learning about. New information about the process of pain is constantly being published. One goal that I have is to share this information with you and that is what this website is all about.

I also welcome you to share your experiences and stories to help others who may be going through the same thing. I truly hope that this website will help you toward your journey to  understand and manage your pain through the treatment of the body and mind.

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